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JESPER THORN’s BIG BODIES OF WATER: Marc Méan - Piano Tobias Wiklund - Cornet Jesper Thorn - Double Bass/Composition Livezz TransNational 2019.

Jesper Thorn's Big Bodies of Water - Album Teaser Out on vinyl and digital download may 17th 2016 ww. esperthorn.

Jesper Thorn Big Bodies of Water Moveable Records 2016. The full-bodied, warm tone of bassist Jesper Thorn has been heard in different constellations, including groups with pianist August Rosenbaum, Danish poet Søren Ulrik Thomsen and saxophonist Bob Rockwell. Big Bodies of Water is the album from Thorn's own project where flugelhorn-player Tobias Wiklund, pianist Marc Méan and electronic musician Mads Emil Nielsen help to shape the delicate sound of the album  . In its own quiet way, Big Bodies of Water is a significant statement from Jesper Thorn. The album has a subtle kind of weathered musical poetry and shows the bassist as a sound painter with attention to the tiniest details. Tracks and Personnel.

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Bodies Of Water's music is a slippery conflation of punk spirit, folk expressionism, bombastic theatricality and old-fashioned testifying.

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Water & Bodies debut full length album "Light Year. 4th of July by Water & Bodies, released 04 July 2015. American Dream - EP by Water & Bodies.

Also playing with band from time to time : Heather Lockie - viola Joseph Tepperman - trombone David Dominique - trombone and glockenspiel Andrew Duncan - trumpet Noah Smith - a giant drum, a pandeiro, etc Adam Siegel - guitar.

Part of a large body of water that extends into a shoreline, generally larger and more deeply indented tha. Photo by ecstaticist. One of the four major bodies of salt water that surround the continents. Stream of either cold or warm water that moves in a definite direction through an ocean. 13. Sea. Large body of water completely or partly surrounded by land. Broad inland body of water, often between a coastline and one or more islands off the coast. Photo by Chrismatos ♥Too busy, sorry.

Jesper Thorn - Big Bodies Of Water download flac
Jesper Thorn
Big Bodies Of Water
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