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Cells & Circuits. Genes & Molecules.

Tim and Moby give you a working knowledge of electrical circuits, including the power source, terminals, and volts.

Your brain’s 86 billion neurons wire up to form circuits. But just what is a circuit? BrainFacts/SfN. Neural stem cells may transform into any type of neuron. Harnessing that potential might help us treat brain injuries and diseases that kill neurons.

A neural circuit is a population of neurons interconnected by synapses to carry out a specific function when activated. Neural circuits interconnect to one another to form large scale brain networks. Biological neural networks have inspired the design of artificial neural networks, but artificial neural networks are usually not strict copies of their biological counterparts.

Finding Brain Circuits Tied to Alertness. Posted on November 14th, 2017 by Dr. Francis Collins. Everybody knows that it’s important to stay alert behind the wheel or while out walking on the bike path. But our ability to react appropriately to sudden dangers is influenced by whether we feel momentarily tired, distracted, or anxious. Melanie Samuel thinks of brain circuits, the networks of interconnected neurons that allow different parts of the brain to work together in processing information.

Brain structure is shaped partly by genes, but largely by experience. Only relatively recently it was discovered that new brain cells are being born throughout our lives – a process called neurogenesis. The brain has bursts of growth and then periods of consolidation, when excess connections are pruned. The most notable bursts are in the first two or three years of life, during puberty, and also a final burst in young adulthood.

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Sabaton : The Great War. Korn : The Nothing. Billie Eilish : When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Joyner Lucas : ADHD.

Brain death is the total and irreversible loss of all brain function and the circumstance under which the donation of vital organs most commonly takes place. This photo illustration shows an angiogram of a brain at left with blood flow and brain at right without blood flow as it would be seen in a brain dead patient. What is brain death? Brain death occurs when a person has an irreversible, catastrophic brain injury, which causes total cessation of all brain function (the upper brain structure and brain stem). Brain death is not a coma or persistent vegetative state.


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Circuits - Brain Leaks And Organ Shrieks download flac
Brain Leaks And Organ Shrieks
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